What are the best Spa places in Baños de Agua Santa?

What are the best Spa places in Baños de Agua Santa?

What are the best Spa places in Baños de Agua Santa?
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What are the best Spa places in Baños de Agua Santa? | Geotours | Adventure Travel Tour Agency in Baños Ecuador since 1991

1. El Refugio Spa Garden

They offer alternative therapies, considering the person as an integral being, mind, body, and spirit, in a space of 80 thousand meters, of orchards, gardens, and ecological trails; with natural spring water, pure air, contact with mother earth and warm humane treatment.

They serve every day of the week from 9 am until night. Prices start at nine dollars ($ 9.00), and they offer a personalized and friendly service.

Using the services of the Refugio Spa Garden is not an expense, it is an investment in your health.


- Anti-stress massage

- Terauphetic massage

- Medicinal mud bath

- Drawer herbal steam bath

- Relief for tired feet on the machine

- Colonic stimulation

- Ear cleaning

- Ionic detox

- Facial treatment

- Body scrub with grape seeds

- Phototherapy

Address: Ecuador-Tungurahua-Baños de Agua Santa- Camino Real-Barrio San Vicente

2. JADE Spa

A few blocks from the hustle and bustle of downtown, Jade Spa offers excellent services, a clean and friendly environment, and extremely reasonable prices. Massages start at $ 15 for 30 minutes and $ 25 for an hour. There are also special packages available.


- Relaxing massage (30/60 minutes for $ 15/25)

- Deep tissue massage (30/60 minutes For $ 18/30)

- Hot stone massage (60 minutes for $ 30)

- Clay massage (60/80 minutes for $ 35/40)

- Chocolate massage with honey (60/80 minutes for $ 35/40)

- Shiatsu / Oriental massage (60 minutes for $ 30)

- Biomagnetism (60 minutes for $ 25)

- Foot reflexology (15/30 minutes for $ 8/15)

- Hand and foot reflexology (40 minutes for $ 20)

- Foot massage + apricot peeling (35 minutes for $ 18)

- Spa manicure (30 minutes for $ 7)

- Spa pedicure (50 minutes for $ 17)

- Deep pore cleansing facial (40 minutes for $ 20)

- Rejuvenating Facial (60 minutes for $ 28)

- Facial for men (40 minutes for $ 20)

- $ 5 hair removal

Address: Avenida Oriental and Pablo Arturo Suarez, Baños 180250 Ecuador.

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3. Huellas Natural Spa in Baños

This is a health center where you can find the traces of ancient techniques used in massages and body treatments still preserved. The period in which priority is given to nature.

This is the reason why we have focused on using products that the love of Mother Earth offers every day; Flowers, fruits, aromas, colors, sounds, all this enclosed in a circle of passion and respect that they place in their services. After your treatment, you will enjoy a delicious tea or mineral water.

Huellas Natural Spa in Baños invites you to be part of the magical power of this experience.


- Mother Earth Massage 1-One hour-whole body $ 25/30 minutes-back only $ 15

- Mother Earth Massage 2-One hour-whole body $ 45/30 minutes-back only $ 35

- Hot stone massage-One hour-whole body $ 30

- Foot massage-30 minutes $ 15

- Skull facial massage- 30 minutes $ 15

- Chemotherapy-whole body 45 minutes $ 20

- Chocotherapy-One hour-whole body $ 25

- Magic Hug with Magic Clay-One Hour-Full Body $ 25

- Exfoliations-Volcanic Eruption $ 20 Volcanic ash with mineral salts.

-Sweet planet $ 20 with honey and sugar rhythm of the sea $ 20

Address: Luis A. Martínez and Th. Halflants-Baños.

4. Chakra Massages

Massage with 11 years of experience and trained by professionals from China and the US They offer you the following treatments:

- Swedish massages

- Hot stone massages

- Natural facials

- Waxing

- Lymph drainage

- Foot reflexology

- Hand reflexology

- Reflexology chakra

Address: Calle Eloy Alfaro and Luis A. Martínez.

5. Luna Volcano Spa

Relax your body and soul in the beautiful garden and Spa. 12 rooms decorated with works of art and volcanic stones. It is hand-painted with colorful natural pigments depicting orchids of the area and the five elements of life found in Luna Volcán: air, water, earth, fire, and wood; becoming a unique place in the world.

We use medicinal plants, fresh fruits, and vegetables for their natural properties grown on our 135-hectare property. We also use volcanic ash from the active Tungurahua Volcano (5,016m). After the treatments, oxygenate your mind in the beautiful gardens of Luna Volcán with the fresh air that comes from the Amazon, the lung of the world; enjoy birdsong and spectacular view of Llanganates National Park.


- Exfoliations from $ 30

- Massages from $ 30

- Wraps $ 38

- Facials $ 25

- Relaxing baths from $ 8

- Hands and feet from $ 12

- Capillaries from $ 20

- Waxing from $ 6

Location: Vía a Runtun km 6

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